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Hot Cocoa, A Cold,a and Papers

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What a week it has been, but today I am reminded that God is very present in everything and is behind the scene keeping track of EVERYTHING. I have gotten this yucky cold, from the sweet little one I nanny for in the mornings. Monday and Tuesday I trooped through 13 hour days at work and was not sure how I would make it through my 5 hours this morning. I was greeted by a text at 4am saying the little one was too sick for B to leave her. I was saddened for her but relieved that God had given me a day to rest and re-cooperate! 

As for some exciting things in my life, Arbonne rocks my socks and I KNOW God has his hand in leading me to this company! I’ve “met” some amazing and beautiful faith filled women!  I made it into qualification for District Manager in the month of November. My goal is to finish out this month and start 2014 right! I am also trying to earn the trip to Los Cabos in October! Anyone want to go with me?! Id love to talk to you about how you can go as well! God willing and the creek don’t rise I will be there with many, many team mates! 

Here’s to a great December, I have set many goals, but I think right now my biggest one is to be gratefulImage

for all the behind the scenes work God is doing, and trust that all is working in HIS time. 



10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Working Out

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10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Working Out.

Cats Eating Cakes and Parties in houses in Montecito!

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WOW! That is the one word that I can think of to describe my first Arbonne party! I am hoping and praying I got all the craziness and kinks out at my first party 😛 I worked at my new nannying job in the morning and then raced to the Cowboys house to make cupcakes for the party….come to find out I didnt have a cupcake pan at his house…so instead I made bunt cake! I hurried to get ready for the party and then realized I had forgotten my script!! So I texted my poor sponcer Hannah freaking out! She calmed me down and sent me on my way to my friends Montecito “house” for my first party!IIt was a blustery rainy night…one of the few we get here on the central coast. I arrived early, which turned out to be VERY good idea as I was able to help with dinner. I put the lovely cake down on the counter and with in three minutes the CAT was on the counter eating it!!!!! The words my Cowboy said to me as I ran out the house resounded in my head “Baby, can I PLEASE have a piece!? NO one will notice! PLEASE!” I laughed at him and picked up the cake and ran out the door after a quick kiss! I felt like he was smiting me for not giving him piece 😛 The party turned into a LONG dinner party and then finally at 9pm I gave a quick presentation and packed up and drove an hour and a half home. 


It was  GREAT night! SO many unexpected twists and turns, but it was a smashing success! I cannot wait for the next one!


On another note we are running a HUGE BOGO sale through until next Friday the 29th! Buy one get one of equal or lesser value for FREE!!! The products are so PURE, SAFE, and BENEFICIAL! I am in LOVE with their mascara! (among other things) Email me if you are interested in ordering!




End of the Week Feelings

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Hi loves! I thought I would just check in and see how everyone’s week has been 🙂 I am have a week of gratitude and trying to carry on with my week of courage 🙂 I keep having trouble with the courage thing! One day I will be able to roar in the face of adversity or fear. 

I am still so grateful for Arbonne. Boy oh boy I am learning a lot about myself and about others. Man its scary to call people I know to tell them about my new business adventure. Some are excited for me and some are skeptical, which I can say I totally was a first. After trying some products I am in LOVE!! The Cowboy has terrible psoriasis, he was leery to try any, but I bought him some rejuvenating body cream and the hydrating body oil. He is in day three of using them and he is already seeing a huge improvement. I am excited, but he is even more excited! 

The Sew U’Nique Shop is slow, but I am gearing up for Christmas 🙂 I have so many exciting projects planed for my family and friends 😀 

I dont want to get to carried away thinking about Christmas, because Thanksgiving is coming and I love Thanksgiving because it is about gratitude!! We all have so much to be grateful for! I have so so much to be thankful for this year! Being in school, being loved, having a roof, a car, food, 2 new business opportunities. 

What are you guys thankful for?

Hugs to you all! Have a beautiful day.

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Week 1 as an Arbonne Girl

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Howdy Ya’ll. Well tomorrow marks week one as an Arbonne girl and I am SO happy I decided to throw all caution to the wind and jump in! I have learned SO much about myself and how amazing Arbonne as a company is! I have “met” these amazing giving and caring women who have been so supportive and gracious in helping me to get started. I am in love with the company, what is stands for and the products it makes. 


Tomorrow I will be starting my 28 day detox with Arbonne. its 28 days of eating clean (which I do any way) but adding in come things such as a shake (or 2 a day) detox tea, fit chews to curb hunger mid-afternoon, fizz sticks to get over that slump, and fiber. I have been researching all of these shake recipes and found my favorite.

I am so greatful for the oppertunty that Arbonne has already presented me with and look forward to the weeks ahead and all that they hold. I have made a HUGE decision to promote my first month to the first level of District Manager! I can do it! It will take lots of hard work and putting myself out there but I believe in myself and others believe in me!

XO -Dom


I love adventures!

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God has been so good to me and today I am feeling so blessed and thankful for old friends! I think it only fair I share the whole story. H and I used to dance together….years ago when we were little and fun and cute! We lost touch throughout high school and college and just recently reconnected on Facebook! Gosh I just love her and how neat it was to catch up and realize how much we still had in common. She shared with me she had started doing Arbonne. They are fabulous Swiss formulated health and wellness products! Everything from shampoo to a detox! I though oh cool great! I bought a detox from her and didn’t give a second thought to Arbonne. Fast forward one week and I get a phone call from her asking if i might be interested in joining Arbonne….”Wait! What! Who me???” After a week of thought and watching hundreds of Youtube videos on the company and what my new adventure would entail I jumped in with a big fat yes!!!! SO here I am day three of being and Arbonne girl and I love it! I love what the company stands for. I love all the support and love I get. I love the products and how safe, pure, and beneficial they are! 


You’re right, I am a coward! I haven’t any courage at all. I even scare myself.

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Wow, that was one wise lion! Happy November lovies! I have decided November I am going to have more courage and be BOLD! I am scared of myself and what I can accomplish! I am going to accept the job as an independent consultant. I will tell you all for which company as soon as it becomes official, but for now I am doing my research and learning everything I can about the company and the product, but man i am starting to get excited about learning and growing and being BOLD. I have SO many people praying for me and wishing me well and I know that if i get comfortable with being uncomfortable I can be successful!



So here’s to me bucking up, just jumping in and having a roar like a lion!