Month: April 2013

A Cowgirls Heart

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Here is another non sewing related post, but it is something else close to my heart–horses and the wild west. As a girl I dreamed of horses and all that they encompassed. That horse smell, the feeling of utter freedom while riding, the tender look from their big illuminating eyes, and that soft feel of their velvety noses.

I became a “real” cowgirl at the age of 10 when I was blessed my with my first pony. I had been bitten by the horse bug, a bug that, much to my Dad’s dismay never went away.

Another dream that whittled its way inside my heart at a young age, was to find a cowboy, not to be confused with a hick, farm boy, or red neck! After kissing a few frogs I had yet to find my cowboy. I moved to CA and found my horse love, Sailor, a retired thoroughbred. Shortly after I met a Englishman and fell in love.

Little did I know he was a cowboy at heart. Little by little he has gotten his feet wet and fallen in love with Sailor as much as I have. Last week, I showed up at the barn to feed Sailor, and my cowboy was there already cleaning out his pen. Mind you he had taken Sailor and his horsey neighbor, Hope, who tends to be a little rambunctious, out to the pasture as well. In that moment, I knew I had finally found my cowboy.

My cowboy, who until I had met him had never even touched a horse. My cowboy, who now calls my horse “his boy.” My cowboy who cleans out Sailors stall and brings him carrots.


My Sailor Boy


Me and my cowboy 🙂


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What a FULL week! Yesterday I sat down to sew and was on a roll and all excited to get various projects finished, and what do you know the needle breaks on my machine. I didnt have a new one with me and I was not about to drive 20 minutes to get one. I packed up all my sewing for the day and worked on some homework instead.

After coffee with a friend this morning I ran to the sewing store and got a 10 pack of needles! Armed with my replacements I went back to finish my projects 🙂 Heres what I finished!

ImageImageImageImageLet me tell you I had MAJOR baby fever sewing these FUN sassy bibs!

So to distract myself I came up with this new design for a small slutch. Perfect for keys, $, and a few other personal items. Image

These are now available in the shop for $15.00 and color or fabric pattern



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A few weeks back a wrote about being grateful for the small things in life. I keep finding myself caught up in struggles of daily life, but really it is all so simple. Take a deep breath, do what you can do about the situation and then take a step forward.

Last night after a LONG day at work, my honey and I drove to the barn to take care of the horses. On our way home we pulled off the road by a winery to watch the sunset.


It was such a reality to check to just be and realize the blessings that are all around me. Pink happenes to be my favorite color so to see a PINK sunset changed my mood and my me realize its the little things that count.

Back to more sewing and new designs later on this week, but my next few days are devoted to homework and school!

Good night! Blessings XO -Dom


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Weekends are my favorite, but most specifically Saturday since it is my day off.

These days they are spent between home work, catching up on sewing, and spending time with my family. Today I had a great balance of each. Spent the morning on readings and papers, sewed some more bibs and this neat butterfly bag this afternoon and tonight we had a pizza party with Andrew’s family 🙂

Finding this balance has not been easy, I am sad to admit. I would rather sew the day away or just spend the day with those that I love, but home work must get done.



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I will be an aunt again for the 3rd time in June!!! So excited 🙂 My precious mom called me a few weeks ago to ask me to make some bibs and a camo diaper bag for the up coming baby shower. I remember her saying “Nique I know that you are just sewing bags and purses, but I would love a few bibs.” Little did I know that they would become a favorite item in the shop. Today I made some cowboy themed bibs and shazam they are a huge hit 🙂Image

Cant wait to see what other baby related orders I get 🙂 Good night all XO-Dom

Its a Good Day to Run

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I got off my regular job at 8am and went for my silent run to honor those who have finished their earthly race yesterday in Boston. I am sad for the three families that have lost someone, but also for those that have lost a part of themselves. I am sad for those that will now live in fear. For those that they will hear those sounds and experience the earth shuddering explosion in their dreams.


May they all find peace and healing

Morning Run

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Though today’s post does not involve sewing or the Sew U’Nique Shop directly it does in some strange way account for my inspiration. I have reciently started running, slowly and not very far, but a 6 days a week I get out there and run. I have come to enjoy running and it has become my think time. As I jog along listening to my MP3 player I dream of new and exciting designs and how to make my business more effective and fun.

I wanted to share some photos of my run this morning because I was so inspired by the beauty and peacefulness that sounded me. Hope everyone has a wonderful day! XO =DomImage