Week 1 as an Arbonne Girl

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Howdy Ya’ll. Well tomorrow marks week one as an Arbonne girl and I am SO happy I decided to throw all caution to the wind and jump in! I have learned SO much about myself and how amazing Arbonne as a company is! I have “met” these amazing giving and caring women who have been so supportive and gracious in helping me to get started. I am in love with the company, what is stands for and the products it makes. 


Tomorrow I will be starting my 28 day detox with Arbonne. its 28 days of eating clean (which I do any way) but adding in come things such as a shake (or 2 a day) detox tea, fit chews to curb hunger mid-afternoon, fizz sticks to get over that slump, and fiber. I have been researching all of these shake recipes and found my favorite.

I am so greatful for the oppertunty that Arbonne has already presented me with and look forward to the weeks ahead and all that they hold. I have made a HUGE decision to promote my first month to the first level of District Manager! I can do it! It will take lots of hard work and putting myself out there but I believe in myself and others believe in me!

XO -Dom


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