Cats Eating Cakes and Parties in houses in Montecito!

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WOW! That is the one word that I can think of to describe my first Arbonne party! I am hoping and praying I got all the craziness and kinks out at my first party 😛 I worked at my new nannying job in the morning and then raced to the Cowboys house to make cupcakes for the party….come to find out I didnt have a cupcake pan at his house…so instead I made bunt cake! I hurried to get ready for the party and then realized I had forgotten my script!! So I texted my poor sponcer Hannah freaking out! She calmed me down and sent me on my way to my friends Montecito “house” for my first party!IIt was a blustery rainy night…one of the few we get here on the central coast. I arrived early, which turned out to be VERY good idea as I was able to help with dinner. I put the lovely cake down on the counter and with in three minutes the CAT was on the counter eating it!!!!! The words my Cowboy said to me as I ran out the house resounded in my head “Baby, can I PLEASE have a piece!? NO one will notice! PLEASE!” I laughed at him and picked up the cake and ran out the door after a quick kiss! I felt like he was smiting me for not giving him piece 😛 The party turned into a LONG dinner party and then finally at 9pm I gave a quick presentation and packed up and drove an hour and a half home. 


It was  GREAT night! SO many unexpected twists and turns, but it was a smashing success! I cannot wait for the next one!


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