Hot Cocoa, A Cold,a and Papers

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What a week it has been, but today I am reminded that God is very present in everything and is behind the scene keeping track of EVERYTHING. I have gotten this yucky cold, from the sweet little one I nanny for in the mornings. Monday and Tuesday I trooped through 13 hour days at work and was not sure how I would make it through my 5 hours this morning. I was greeted by a text at 4am saying the little one was too sick for B to leave her. I was saddened for her but relieved that God had given me a day to rest and re-cooperate! 

As for some exciting things in my life, Arbonne rocks my socks and I KNOW God has his hand in leading me to this company! I’ve “met” some amazing and beautiful faith filled women!  I made it into qualification for District Manager in the month of November. My goal is to finish out this month and start 2014 right! I am also trying to earn the trip to Los Cabos in October! Anyone want to go with me?! Id love to talk to you about how you can go as well! God willing and the creek don’t rise I will be there with many, many team mates! 

Here’s to a great December, I have set many goals, but I think right now my biggest one is to be gratefulImage

for all the behind the scenes work God is doing, and trust that all is working in HIS time. 



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