I love adventures!

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God has been so good to me and today I am feeling so blessed and thankful for old friends! I think it only fair I share the whole story. H and I used to dance together….years ago when we were little and fun and cute! We lost touch throughout high school and college and just recently reconnected on Facebook! Gosh I just love her and how neat it was to catch up and realize how much we still had in common. She shared with me she had started doing Arbonne. They are fabulous Swiss formulated health and wellness products! Everything from shampoo to a detox! I though oh cool great! I bought a detox from her and didn’t give a second thought to Arbonne. Fast forward one week and I get a phone call from her asking if i might be interested in joining Arbonne….”Wait! What! Who me???” After a week of thought and watching hundreds of Youtube videos on the company and what my new adventure would entail I jumped in with a big fat yes!!!! SO here I am day three of being and Arbonne girl and I love it! I love what the company stands for. I love all the support and love I get. I love the products and how safe, pure, and beneficial they are!