Cats Eating Cakes and Parties in houses in Montecito!

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WOW! That is the one word that I can think of to describe my first Arbonne party! I am hoping and praying I got all the craziness and kinks out at my first party 😛 I worked at my new nannying job in the morning and then raced to the Cowboys house to make cupcakes for the party….come to find out I didnt have a cupcake pan at his house…so instead I made bunt cake! I hurried to get ready for the party and then realized I had forgotten my script!! So I texted my poor sponcer Hannah freaking out! She calmed me down and sent me on my way to my friends Montecito “house” for my first party!IIt was a blustery rainy night…one of the few we get here on the central coast. I arrived early, which turned out to be VERY good idea as I was able to help with dinner. I put the lovely cake down on the counter and with in three minutes the CAT was on the counter eating it!!!!! The words my Cowboy said to me as I ran out the house resounded in my head “Baby, can I PLEASE have a piece!? NO one will notice! PLEASE!” I laughed at him and picked up the cake and ran out the door after a quick kiss! I felt like he was smiting me for not giving him piece 😛 The party turned into a LONG dinner party and then finally at 9pm I gave a quick presentation and packed up and drove an hour and a half home. 


It was  GREAT night! SO many unexpected twists and turns, but it was a smashing success! I cannot wait for the next one!


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New Kicks

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So as you all know I am now in love with the gym and exercising! It feels good to feel good if that makes sense. I had two pairs of work out shoes one for the gym ie my newer pair that have run LOTS of miles in the past year and an older pair that i use only for walking/running at home. They have logged even more miles over the past THREE years! 

Saturday we went to the shoe store to get the little cowgirl shoes for back to school….she chose Converse high tops….I personally think they look silly, but she LOVES them. While we were there I saw an awesome pair of sketchers! They were COLORFUL and light as all get out. They looked like they had run a Color Run 😀 The Cowboy offered to buy them for me, but I turned him down with a simple “Baby I have perfectly good running shoes I dont need more!” 

We left and I forgot about the shoes. I was busily working on homework (UGH) before my evening shift and the Cowboy said he was going to look at a truck for sale. He and the little cowgirl come squealing into the room 30 minutes later with the new shoes for me!!!

ImageBest gift EVER!!! I cant wait to try them out today! 

Tell me about your favorite pair of shoes!!! Do you always buy the same brand?

XO -Dom